About Us

Piazza Castello Milano

‘Blending tradition with innovation’ Piazza Castello was born from the desire to create pure cashmere garments, designed for longevity while evoking style and sophistication – to create an exquisite fashion collection for those with a conscious lifestyle.

The cashmere collections are designed and produced in Italy, combining precious cashmere fibres with the latest trends, to offer contemporary and refined looks for women, men and children.

The brand proudly takes care of the entire production process, from the selection of the raw materials to the realisation of the final product. Constant research in fabric development, experimenting with different yarns and innovative production techniques combined with continuous quality checks ensures that Piazza Castello cashmere achieves the highest quality standards.

By working closely with selected artisan farmers and adopting their exceptional expertise, knowledge and unquestionable skills, the noble yarns of cashmere are transformed into beautifully finished garments.

Piazza Castello truly embodies Italian style, fashion and philosophy and the collections epitomise the delicate elegance, sophistication and luxury which can only be found in garments which have been produced with a genuine passion and respect for cashmere.


Piazza Castello