Where does our cashmere come from?

Our cashmere is sourced from Inner Mongolia. 

How is it sourced?

Cashmere is combed or sheared from the goats body during the moulting period. This occurs is the Spring season when the goat naturally sheds a portion of its coat. This fibre is then collected, cleaned, and sent for processing.

Are goats harmed during this process?

No. As the collection of the cashmere is carried out during the moulting period when the goat wants to get rid of its wool, by either combing or shearing, there is no discomfort to the animal. Later, when winter arrives, the goats have naturally grown back their wool to survive another hard winter.

Why Inner Mongolia?

The Capra Hircus goats found in Inner Mongolia are a special breed of goat who have adapted to the extreme climate of Inner Mongolia where temperatures drop to -40° c in the winter period.  To survive the cold winter, these cashmere goats have evolved to grow the warmest natural fibres which in turn make the worlds purest & softest cashmere.