What is cashmere knit gauge?

Knit gauge is a measure of how tightly the garment is knitted. The term gauge refers to the number of stitches and rows per inch.  With 12-gauge there are 12 stitches or rows of yarn per inch, so the Cashmere is relatively dense. With 7-gauge the Cashmere has a more open or mesh-like look and is more light-weight than the 12 gauge if the same yarn is used.

What are the knit gauges of Piazza Castello garments?

Our knit gauges used are 5gg, 7gg, 12gg, 14gg & 16gg.

It is detailed on each individual product the knit gauge used.

Do not confuse knit gauge and purity of the cashmere?

Many retailers use their 'knit gauge' claims to disguise the purity of the 'cashmere' items they are selling, encouraging the customer to focus on the gauge rather than the % cashmere content. This is particularly common when they are selling 'cashmere blends' - a mix of cashmere and other materials. Do not be fooled by this.

At Piazza Castello, we only sell 100% Pure Organic Cashmere.